Time for a Smog Check?

April 5th, 2017
If you live or work in Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Lomita or other LA South Bay communities, when it's time for your vehicle's Smog Inspection, head to Agile Auto Care at 23510 Crenshaw Blvd. in Torrance or call 310-534-3451. 

Star Certified Smog Test & Repair Facility in Torrance

When was the last time you got a Smog Check? Most Vehicles in California are required to pass a SMOG CHECK every 2 years to renew their registration. Did you get your DMV Registration Renewal Notice? This notice will tell you if your vehicle needs a Smog Check. Cars that are 6  years old, require a Smog Check every 2 years.  
Look at these tips before you bring your automobile for the inspection. Lucky for you, even  if you happen to have any of these issues, we can repair your car, before doing a smog test for you. If your DMV registation renewal says that it requires a Star Certified station, we can take care of you. We are a  STAR CERTIFIED SMOG TEST & REPAIR STATION. Whatever you need, we can take care of you. Look at these tips below: 
  • Look at the dashboard. Are the “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” lights on? This is a very common problem. This light indicates that the emission control system of your automobile may be malfunctioning. This also means that your car won't pass the inspection unless your get the check engine light fixed. Don't sweat it! Schedule an appointment with Agile Auto Care. We will diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs so your car will pass the Smog Test.  
  • Did you recently jump-start your car? Or replace the battery? Did your Dealership reset your monitors for any reason? Any of these incidents can wipe out your car’s memory bank. Your car also has a computer that collects and records a constant stream of data from multiple sensors in your car. During the smog inspection, the smog machine analyzes this data to determine if any system is operating “out of range”. Without this historical information, your car will not pass the inspection. 
  • Repairs due to “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” lights may also cause your automobile to lose historical sensor data. So, after any of the above scenarios, do these things before you bring in your vehicle in for a smog inspection — drive it about 60 miles on a combination of surface streets and freeways (at least 40 miles on the freeway) Then, your car should be ready for a car inspection. 

If your Automobile fails a Smog Test, Don't worry! Our ASE certified mechanics can diagnose the problem and Repair it at a reasonable Price! We also give you one free retest! Call us at 310-534-3451. We are here to Help!! 

Wishing you a happy and Safe Drive! 

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